Financial Bussiness Assessment

Assessments of the business operations of subsidy applicants/beneficiaries, drawing on accounting-based economic management indicators, are required for “big-ticket” applications where the total eligible project costs exceed CZK 2 million, with the exception of Measure I.1.3, as explained in the special section of the rules. In those cases where an applicant’s business has been afflicted by a serious natural disaster in any of the last three completed accounting years and this can be evidenced, the given period year (no more than one year) may, subject to an evaluation, be exempt from the final business financial assessment of the applicant/beneficiary. If a business financial assessment finds that a subsidy applicant is financially unsound, according to the relevant sub-measures, the subsidy application in question may be disqualified from further subsidy administration and the applicant is rendered ineligible for subsidisation. An applicant’s project is accepted and placed in the subsidisation process only if the business financial assessment returns a minimum of a C-category result (with the exception of Measure I.1.3.). The outcome of a business financial assessment does not affect the evaluation of a project submission according to preferential criteria.