Operational Programme Fisheries 2014 – 2020

The prime objectives of the Operational Programme Fisheries 2014–2020 are related to the progress in sustainable and competitive aquaculture based on innovation, competitiveness and more effective use of resources. In particular, it is important to support the advancement of sustainable fish farming in the Czech Republic and the year-round uniform internal marketing of freshwater fish in a range promoting aquaculture diversification.

The Czech Republic needs to support and develop traditional and proven forms of aquaculture to ensure the development and marketing of carp production and introduce state-of-the-art intensive fish farming systems with a view to expanding fish production and mitigating adverse environmental impacts.

Priorities of the Operational Programme Fisheries 2014 – 2020:

  • Maintain a sustainable production and marketing of fish based on traditional aquaculture in the Czech Republic.
  • Invest in recirculation systems to increase production.
  • Invest in the competitiveness of traditional aquaculture.
  • Scale up the share of fish processing, promote aquaculture and encourage fish consumption.
  • Support scientific knowledge transfer to aquaculture plants (product and process innovation).
  • Support the implementation of environmentally friendly aquaculture and fish farming systems, including biodiversity.