National Subsidies

The Czech Republic grants subsidies that are allocated strictly from national financial resources, channelling them through numerous special programmes supporting a variety of vital business activities. Under its operational programmes, the Czech Republic contributes to production capacity by maintaining the agricultural sector and promoting farming business to increase its involvement in rural development.

In keeping with Section 2d of Act No 252/1997 on agriculture, as amended, on 8 January 2015 the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SZIF) was tasked with processing subsidy applications on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture. National subsidies are financed strictly from national resources. The SZIF manages subsidy applications in accordance with Sections 1, 2 and 2d of Act No 252/1997 on agriculture, as amended, by adhering to “Principles of Subsidy Granting and Allocation in 2015” and to a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and the SZIF.

Subsidy applications can be submitted to the local SZIF department competent to receive them, i.e. an Application Admissions and LPIS Unit, from 27 February 2015. Subsidy applications may be submitted in person (recommended) or by post. Subsidy applications must be submitted in duplicate. The subsidy applications of natural persons (individuals) must be submitted to the Application Admissions and LPIS Unit at the regional office covering the district where they are resident. Legal entities submit applications to the unit covering the region where their registered office is located. The submission deadline is designated in the “Principles” in line with the subsidy scheme framework.